Here is How to Participate in Art Competitions Successfully

If you are someone with a real talent to paint you should not just paint for your pleasure. You should actually let the world see what you have to offer. If you are determined to become a professional artist then you should definitely find a way to showcase your art. One of the best ways is holding a private exhibition where your art is showcased at a gallery. However, creating a collection of art you think is worthy of showing to others can take time and can cost money.

If you can make a name for yourself entering the art world as a professional becomes easier. Taking part in competitions is one way of doing that. However, in order to successfully participate in an art competition you have to consider several facts carefully.

Do Not Paint Your Work Based on the Jurors

When you taking part in a competition you will get to know about who will be judging the paintings. However, never try to change your own style to impress the jurors thinking if you draw a painting in a style one of the jurors loves, yours will be the winner. Always stick with the style familiar to you and send your best work in that line.

Following All Entry Instructions

Every competition has its rules. You have to follow them to the letter. If the competition asks you to use the digital path way to send photos of the painting and entry forms do not try to send a print copy of the photo and the entry form. Also, be very careful when taking a picture of your painting. Send a photo that looks exactly like your painting in colours too.

Framing Your Painting

When you are selected to the competition you have to hand over your painting to be hung on the wall where the exhibition is going to take place so that everyone who comes there gets to see that. Do not put too cheap a frame on the painting as well as do not spend too much money on an expensive frame too.

Adding Glass to Your Painting

Depending on your painting you may have to add glass to the frame or not. If you do not want any disadvantage to happen to you always use the best non-reflective glass for the painting.

Once you have done all this all that is left to do is being ready to accept any decision taken by the jurors. Even if you do not win be happy that your painting got a place in an exhibition.

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